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The objective for the Python Web Developer Appliance project is to facilitate both learning how to develop and developing web applications using Python.

The Python Web Developer Appliance includes the leading Python web development frameworks and supporting libraries pre-installed and ready use, alongside a complete open-source software stack for building and deploying web applications. The appliance represents an attempt to take the "batteries included" philosophy to another level with respect to web application development and deployment.

The VMWare virtual machine image is available at


08-15-2006 Python Web Developer Appliance receives honorable mention in VMware Ultimate VM Appliance Challenge Contest.

07-27-2006 The URLs for PkgSrc src distribution have been changed since the User Guide was published.
The URLs are for the 2006Q1 release and for the 2006Q2 release.

07-27-2006 A patch for the appliance web site is availble. Execute the following commands on the appliance to install the patch.

# cd /tmp
# curl -O
# cd /usr/local/pyweb/share/httpd/htdocs 
# tar xvfz /tmp/pyweb-html-fix-2006-07-27.tar.gz

06-06-2006 A VMWare virtual machine image download for the Python Web Developer Appliance is now available at .

05-26-2006 A User Guide in both HTML and PDF formats is available for the Python Web Appliance VMware Ultimate VM Appliance Contest entry.